June 4, 2012

Dear Family-

We had another really good week! This is a really good area to be in.
The only problem is that everything’s blurring together so much that I
can’t remember what happened this week and what happened earlier. I
think we did a few service projects, but I can only remember one for
sure. We helped a guy load up a truck with some stuff from a shipping
container on his property. I’ve helped more people move and pack on my
mission than probably the first 19 years of my life. I like it though
because it’s very mentally easy, as opposed to almost everything else
we do. All you have to do is pick something up, walk, and set it down.

We also met with a few less-actives this week. It’s always interesting
and sad to me when I meet people who have been members for decades,
but don’t come to church. I try to be understanding and patient, but
sometimes I want to shake them and tell them all of the blessings
they’re missing. They’re giving up eternal salvation for something as
insignificant as “somebody offended me 30 years ago.” Most people
don’t respond well to being told what to do though, so we have to be
kind and loving and inviting. Also, for all I know, they truly don’t
understand the blessings that they are missing. Some members never
really gain a testimony, so if they leave, they don’t have nearly as
strong of a motivation to come back. I think that’s why we focus so
much on teaching in the Church. We could do all sorts of things to
encourage people to come to church, keep the commandments, etc. The
most powerful motivation though, is an understanding and testimony of
a doctrine. If every member truly understood the importance of the
Sacrament and had a spiritual witness of that understanding, every
church would be packed.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Thanks for all you do. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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