May 7, 2012

Dear Family-

This has been an awesome week! I really like serving with Elder Lasky
in Agua Dulce. Elder Lasky is a really cool kid. He’s from Highland,
UT and was a firefighter before his mission. He’s a very
non-judgmental guy and a really good missionary. I’m glad I get to
serve with him.

Agua Dulce is pretty fun. It’s very spread out, with lots of hills and
not very many people. Most of it is dirt roads, so we get a truck,
which is always fun. I don’t know what it is about it, but I
absolutely love spending almost all of my time being in the hills and
actually seeing nature. I love it!

I met a guy this week who was really cool. He didn’t go
into much detail, but he said that he’s been through a lot, and he
wants to make God part of his life. I’m not sure how long the
missionaries have been working with him. We told him that our eventual
goal to bring people closer to Christ through baptism, and he said
that he definitely wants to be baptized eventually, but he thinks it
will take a long time to get there. It’s great that he’s willing and
open to baptism, but now we have to help him overcome whatever
obstacles are holding him back.

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll talk to you on Sunday. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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