March 19, 2012

Dear Family-

Transfers came, and I get to stay with Elder Walker for six more
weeks. I’m really excited about that! He’s an awesome companion, and a
really great friend. It already looks like it’s going to be another
great transfer.

The past week was pretty fun too. For St. Patrick’s Day, the Elders’
Quorum had a dinner. We had corned beef and cabbage, which despite how
it sounds, actually tastes really good. I had corned beef and cabbage
last year for St. Patrick’s Day too. Maybe I’ll have to keep up the
tradition next year. Later that night, our stake had a concert. The
Southern California Mormon Choir came. They were incredible! It’s been
more than a year (Christmas 2010) since I’ve heard live music like
that, so I was glad we were able to come. There were several
non-members who came too, which was really good.

Another thing that’s been going on this week, is that I’m trying
really hard to have more sincere prayers. We pray more times in one
day on a mission than I did in a week back home, which is good and
bad. It’s good because it keeps us so focused on our Heavenly Father,
but it’s bad because we tend to give very insincere, recited prayers.
I realized this, so I’ve been trying to focus and listen more as I
pray. It’s brought some amazing experiences. I’m so grateful that our
Heavenly Father is always available to us if we come to Him. Praying
sincerely has brought some of the best experiences I’ve had in life.

Well, thanks for everything you do. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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