April 2, 2012

Dear Family-

General Conference was great! There were so many good talks, and the
Spirit was very strong as well. Here are some of the things I enjoyed
hearing the most. It’s not enough to be active in the Church; we need
to be converted to the Gospel (Donald L. Hallstrom). God isn’t
concerned so much about how long or how difficult your path was to
him. He’s concerned that you make it (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland).
Intellectual evidence for the Gospel is not enough; we need a
spiritual confirmation (Elder Quentin L. Cook). Men who hold the
Priesthood are not inherently better than other men, but they should
act differently (Elder David A. Bednar). Bringing on person into the
Gospel can bless generations of God’s children (Richard C. Edgley). We
need to remember the reasons for the commandments (President Dieter F.
Uchtdorf). We need to make time for meditation (President Thomas S.
Monson). When our faith is challenged, we can rely on sacred,
spiritual experiences already received (Paul B. Pieper).

It’s a lot to think about, but I’m hoping that I can internalize all
of these lessons. I’m grateful to have so much guidance from the
Lord’s servants.

I hope that you had lots of guidance and revelation too. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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