April 16, 2012

Dear Family-

I’ve noticed that it’s very difficult to know what to write. Every
week is great, but we do the exact same thing week after week after
week. That’s why my emails are always so short. We did do some service
this week though, which was fun. There’s a man who
parks his car in a dirt patch to the side of his driveway. He wanted
to put some bricks in though to make it more clean, so we were able to
go dig out a path for the bricks and lay them in, so his tires can
drive on brick instead of dirt/mud. It probably doesn’t sound all that
fun to any of you, but to a missionary, anything new or different is

I also relearned the importance of study this week. We’ve been pretty
busy lately, and because we’ve had so much to do, I haven’t been
making time to study. The whole week, I felt sluggish and discontent,
although at first I couldn’t figure out why. I made the connection
though, and I resumed my daily study on Saturday and Sunday. It
immediately made a huge difference. The past couple days, I’ve been
much more motivated, energetic, and peaceful. I’m grateful for all of
the little lessons like that to remind me of the importance of living
the Gospel.

Thanks for all you do for me. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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