February 13, 2012

Dear Family-

I think that I’m going to enjoy it here a lot. It’s a ton of fun
working with singles’ wards, especially because they’re so willing to
help. Sometimes it feels like you have to fight tooth and nail to get
wards involved in missionary work, but not with singles’ wards. It’s
great! There is a girl who is getting baptized
tomorrow, so we’re really excited about that. She was taught by
missionaries before, but ended up dropping them because she didn’t
feel ready. Some time before I got here, she called the missionaries
out of the blue and said that she’s ready.

In the family ward, we don’t have anyone with a baptismal date, but we
work with a lot of fun people. There’s an older lady
that we try to stop by about once a day to read some scriptures with
her. She’s very quiet, but she loves having us come over. She is not a
member of the Church, but her daughter who lives in Alaska is a
member. There’s also another guy that we teach who is
hilarious. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He usually
comes to church, but every time we visit him, he tries to talk us out
of making him go to church. The first time I met him, he shook my hand
and then said that he doesn’t have to come on Sunday because we shook
on it. He’s just always joking around like that.

Serving with Elder Walker is awesome too! I could easily see us being
friends back home, and on top of that, he’s a really hard worker. We
have a lot of great times. He also subtly reminds me of Cody, which
brings back good memories.

So before I go, I have a quick story. Because we cover two wards, we
already have to be at church from 9-4. Saturday night, our ward
mission leader texted us reminding us of a meeting at 7am with some
leaders in the ward. So we woke up at 5:30 to be at the church by 7.
We got there and the ward mission leader was the only one who showed
up; I guess he got the day/time mixed up. After our 1 O’clock ward, we
had another meeting that we didn’t know about. So we ended up being at
the church for 9 and a half hours straight. I think that’s the longest
I’ve ever been at church. I was pretty tired by the end of the day.

Thanks for everything. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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