November 21, 2011

Dear Family-

It’s been very interesting in this new area. I’ve seen a lot of people
that I know. I’m in the Palmdale 4th ward, which borders the
Littlerock 1st ward, one of my old areas. Not only that, but the
Littlerock ward and Palmdale 4th meet in the same building. So I
already knew quite a few families here before I even got here. When we
were at church on Sunday, I saw a few people from Littlerock. It’s
kind of strange to see so many familiar faces in a new area. The ward
is really cool though, so I like it.

My new companion is really cool too. His name is Elder Farnsworth.
He’s lived all over Cache Valley, and when he was a sophomore, his
family moved to Delta, Utah, so we know quite a few people in common.
It’s cool to meet someone on your mission that knows people back home.
Elder Farnsworth is pretty easy to get along with, but at the same
time, he holds you to your own standards. If you say you’re going to
work on something, he fully expects you to work on that thing. He
won’t just turn a blind eye. So that will be really good because it
will push me to keep becoming a little bit better. I think that this
transfer will go really well.

Anyway, I love you all!

-Elder Emery

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