September 26, 2011

Dear Family-

It has been an incredible week. We were able to meet with a lot of
people. One of the difficulties in this area is simply getting in
contact with people. For some reason, most of the people we teach
rarely answer calls, rarely return calls, and seem to never be home
when we stop by. When we do finally meet with them, they’re usually
happy to see us, but visits tend to be few and far between. This week,
however, we were able to meet with almost everyone that we teach. We
also were able to see some progress.

One of the families that we’ve been working with is
part-member. The mother and one of the six kids are members, but the
father and the other five kids are not. The two that are members don’t
usually come to church. We heard that one of the daughters is
very interested in the church, so we’ve been teaching her with her
family for the past few weeks. We invited them to church when we
taught them on Wednesday, and we stopped by again Saturday evening to
remind them. The daughter who seems the most interested said she
wouldn’t make it, but that she’d make her family go, and the next day,
the mother, two of the daughters, and the youngest son all came to
church. I think that that was only the second time that any of them
have been to church since I’ve been here.

Well, transfers are a week from today, so I’ll let you know next week
if I’m staying or going. If I stay, this will be the longest time I’ve
spent in an area. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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