October 31, 2011

Dear Family-

Happy Halloween! It’s been an awesome week. A girl named Alex
AlvarezWolford got baptized on Saturday, and another lady named Mary Sferranza will be baptized this Saturday. Alex’s story is an
incredible example of how missionary work should be. She recently
moved in with her aunt and cousin (Kathleen and Ryan), who are
members, and our ward mission leader, Brother Dunn, invited the three of them out to dinner. After dinner, we shared a thought, and after the thought, Brother Dunn asked Alex when the missionaries could start teaching her. She said any time, so we started teaching her within the next few days. After a few weeks, she got baptized.

I’m so glad that we have members like that in our ward. If Brother
Dunn hadn’t simply invited Alex to dinner, and to take the missionary
lessons, it could have taken weeks or maybe even months longer for us to start teaching her. By that point, it might have been too late for
all we know. But because of Brother Dunn’s actions, Alex’s
willingness, and the Lord’s preparation of her, she is a member of the
Church now and has the Gift of the Holy Ghost. One of the most sincere smiles I’ve ever seen was on Alex’s face when she came out of the water after being baptized.

We also had a lot of people at church this week. A few of them rarely
come to church and at least one person has never come to church since I’ve been here. It’s amazing to see miracles like that happen.

Anyway, I love you all!

-Elder Emery

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