August 8, 2011

Dear Family-

The first part of the week was pretty slow, but it seemed to pick up
towards the end. One cool lady that we visited is Sister Pedersen.
Sister Pedersen is an older lady who was baptized a couple of years
ago. She’s missing her right leg from the knee down, and isn’t in the
best health, so she can’t make it to church every week. She made it
this week though, which was good, and she always really appreciates
our visits. This week, she was talking about how she wishes she could
stand on a mountain and tell the whole world about the Gospel. She’s
so glad that she finally found the true Church after all of these
years, and only wishes that she could do more. It’s always so great to
visit her because she seems so sincerely grateful that we came. That
means a lot to me.

Another cool experience I had was watching Mountain of the Lord. Elder
Everitt has a bunch of Doctrine and Covenants/Church History videos,
and we’ve been watching some of them lately. One night we watched
Mountain of the Lord, and it was my first time seeing it. I loved it,
and if y’all get a chance, I’d encourage you to watch it.

Other than that, I can’t really think of much else that’s happened.
Thanks for everything though. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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