August 22, 2011

Dear Family-

Transfers came on Saturday and Elder Everitt is leaving. He’s going
down to Burbank 1st, my first area, so I’m pretty excited about that.
It’s sad to see him leave, but it was pretty predictable, and I’m glad
that he’s going to an area that I know and love. My new companion will
be Elder Jackson. We’ve served in the same district before for one
transfer, so I already know him pretty well. He’s really cool, so I’m
excited. I’m also excited because of his name. Our ward mission leader
is a huge BYU sports fan, and he pointed out that it’s ironic that
Elder JACKSON and Elder EMERY are serving together. In case you don’t
know or don’t remember, Jackson Emery was one of the stars on the BYU
basketball team my freshman year.

So I’m excited for my new companion and I’m glad Elder Everitt and I
finished with an awesome week. We had a ton of really great lessons
and one kid told us that he wants to be baptized. We set
a date for November 26, so I’m really excited for him! Another cool
story happened with a different investigator. She’s seemed
really interested, but she’s had health problems, so it’s been hard to
contact her. We finally taught her this week and brought a member with
us. The last time we had given her a Book of Mormon and asked her to
read the introduction and the testimonies. When we called to set the
appointment, she said that she had read a couple chapters, and when we
met with her, she started asking a bunch of questions. One of the
questions was about the ship that Nephi built, so she’s read at least
17 chapters. She also mentioned that she takes side-notes when she
reads. That was really cool to see how much she loves the Book of

Well, sorry this is a short email, but thanks for everything you do. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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