June 13, 2011

Dear Family-

It’s been quite the week. We spent a lot of time working with a kid
named Alex Hirtle. He already had a testimony and had a baptismal
date, but he couldn’t meet with missionaries or be baptized until he
turned 18. He turned 18 this Sunday (not yesterday, but the Sunday
before), so we taught him all of the lessons and had a baptismal
interview for him. He gets to be baptized this Saturday. It was really
interesting to “teach” him because he pretty much knew everything
that’s in the official missionary lessons. He’s been going to Church
for a long time now. So we just briefly reviewed it all and answered
his questions about deep doctrine. I’m excited that he finally gets a
chance to be baptized because he is very ready.

We also had an interesting experience with a dinner. No one signed up
on the dinner calendar for Thursday, so they told us to go eat at the
Stake Youth dinner dance. I felt extremely out of place going to a
dance as a missionary, but you can’t complain about free food.
Luckily, the dancing didn’t start until most of the people were done
eating dinner, so we were able to sit with some kids in our ward, eat
dinner, and leave. I think being there made my companion extremely
trunky, so we left as soon as the actual dancing started. Oh the
unexpected things you do as a missionary.

Well, I love you guys! Thanks for everything you do.

-Elder Emery

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