March 21, 2011

Dear Family-

I love being here in Littlerock! It feels great to be in the desert
again. People in the desert just seem more relaxed and less
closed-minded. There also seems to be more people with bigger
problems, so I feel like I’m doing more to help out here.

It’s been quite the interesting week. I live in a house with the
Spanish-speaking missionaries, so I ended up doing a lot of Spanish
work this week. One of them, Elder Gonzalez, had trainings Tuesday
through Thursday, so his companion, Elder Fehlberg, went with us. We
had to cover both the English and Spanish areas, so I got to visit
quite a few Hispanic families. It was a little awkward sometimes just
sitting there while Elder Bautista and Elder Fehlberg talked, but I
still loved it. We saw a lot of success in those three days.

I’m trying to learn a little bit of Spanish, but it’s coming very
slowly. Since I’ve never taken a Spanish class, I just have to teach
myself by asking questions, reading the Liahona and Ensign side by
side, and reading the Book of Mormon and el Libro de Mormon side by
side. It can be tedious sometimes, but I have picked up a tiny bit. My
goal is to know enough to explain that we’re missionaries, ask if
Spanish-speaking missionaries can come by, and ask someone’s name,
phone number, and address. All of my companions have spoken at least a
little bit of Spanish so far, but hopefully I can learn at least that
much before I get a companion who doesn’t know Spanish.

Life is awesome up here in Littlerock. I really like working with
Elder Bautista too; he’s been one of my favorite missionaries I’ve met
so far. Hopefully life’s going well for you too. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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