February 28, 2011

Dear Family-

It’s weird how much time has passed. Tomorrow is the first of March. I
don’t know if it’s because the weather here seems to never change, but
I don’t feel like it should be the end of Winter. It’s odd.

The week has been pretty good though. We were able to get in touch
with some people that are hard to reach. Everyone seems so busy in
Santa Clarita, that it’s really difficult to visit anyone regularly.
We can only visit most people every two or three weeks. We were able
to reach one person that’s especially hard to contact twice though.
Luis is a guy who was baptized last year. He lives with a family that
doesn’t like the missionaries though, so we don’t see him very often.
Most of the times we’ve tried to visit, they refuse to even tell Luis
that we stopped by. One time they said that he doesn’t live there.
Luis doesn’t own a phone either, so the only way we can contact him is
by stopping by. So it was great to be able to visit him twice this

We also had a unique experience this week. We were biking home last
night and there was an office chair by the street that was free. Elder
Mori wanted it, but we don’t have a car, so he wrapped a bungee cord
around his bike and the chair and towed it home. It was pretty awesome
seeing him ride down the street with a chair rolling behind him, and
he got a nice chair out of it.

Thanks for everything. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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