December 20, 2010

Dear Family-

It’s been a crazy week. I found out on the 11th that I was getting
transferred. When I called that Monday (the 13th) to get my new
address though, they didn’t know it. They told me to just go to the
mission office and wait there. So Elder Mori (my new companion) and I
went to the mission office. After a while, they found our address and
took us there. The contract for the apartment was signed that morning,
so it’s brand new to missionaries. When we got there, it had a
fridge/freezer, a stove, and nothing else. So they dropped us off and
told us to wait there for the assistants. We didn’t have a phone yet,
so we couldn’t really do anything but wait. The assistants took us to
dinner with the Bishop, showed us the area a little bit and took us
home. Since the apartment was empty though, we just slept on the
floor. For the next few days, we did what we could in the area and
slowly got furnishings for our apartment. Finally by about Wednesday
or Thursday, we had beds, plastic tables to use as desks, chairs,
dishes, and a shower curtain (that was the most frustrating thing to
do without). It’s a little bit difficult when neither companion knows
the area, but we’re slowly figuring out what to do.

This Saturday (the 18th) was also pretty exciting. I was able to go
back up to Lancaster for the baptism of Sonia Flores. Sonia was one of
the people that we taught from the singles’ ward. It was so great to
see how happy she was and to see her get baptized! It was also really
great because I have been able to see the Gospel change her life.
She’s become so much happier through the Gospel.

Well, I guess I’ll talk to you on Christmas. Things are going pretty
well, and Elder Mori is an awesome guy. I love you, and Merry

-Elder Emery

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