December 13, 2010

Dear Family-

I’m getting transferred today. I’ll be serving in the Newhall 2nd ward
in Santa Clarita with Elder Mori. It’s both sad and exciting for me
because I love this area, I love the people here, and I love the
missionaries here, but it’s exciting to see change. Newhall 1st and
2nd wards used to be covered by the assistants, but they’re opening
Newhall 2nd as its own area. That means that neither my new companion
or I know anything about the area. We don’t even know where we’re
living yet. I called the assistants this morning to get the address,
and they said to just meet them at the mission office. I guess our
apartment is new to missionaries, so the assistants still have the
keys. So this will be a lot of work and a lot of fun learning a new
area with a new companion.

I found out on Tuesday that I was probably moving. We had interviews
with President Martin, and he told Elder Anthony and the zone leaders
that I would probably move. He had prayed about it and felt that that
was what was right. It wasn’t official yet though, so I was in a bit
of suspense. Transfers are decided on Wednesday and the missionaries
find out Friday night or Saturday morning. So I thought that I was
moving, but there was still a possibility that it would change. It was
kind of a weird week because I was a bit depressed about leaving, but
I didn’t want to tell people since it wasn’t official yet, and there
was a possibility of me staying. On Saturday morning I found out I was
moving though. So I spent Saturday and Sunday packing and saying bye
to people.

Anyway, things will work out and it will be good. I’ve only briefly
met Elder Mori, but everyone says he’s really funny and easy to get
along with. I’ve also heard that he will work hard too. That’s about
all I know about him so far. I do know he’s from Texas though, so that
makes him my third companion in a row from Texas. Well, I’ll write you
guys when I get a chance. It will probably be either next Monday or
Tuesday, but I don’t know yet. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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