December 6, 2010

Dear Family-

It’s been a pretty interesting week. I got to work with three people
other than Elder Anthony. On Wednesday, we did an all-day companion
exchange, so I worked with Elder Davis. He’s a really cool guy. Elder
Davis is one of those people who can start a conversation with someone
and show that he genuinely cares about them in seconds. You can tell
that he really loves the people and he loves his mission. It was kind
of weird getting used to a new companion again, but things seemed to
go pretty smoothly.

Then on Thursday, we did another exchange. This time I got to work
with Elder Bernal. Elder Bernal is from Panama. I was a little nervous
at first because I wasn’t sure how good his English was. He’s pretty
quiet, so I thought that maybe he struggled with English. It turns out
though that his English is actually really good; he just doesn’t talk
very much until he gets to know someone. That was also a really good
day. It was cool to get to know Elder Bernal better.

My third exchange was on Saturday, but that was only for a couple of
hours. Saturday morning, we did what we call a blitz. That’s where a
bunch of missionaries all knock doors in one area. Blitzes are a new
thing that we’re going to do every Saturday now, and this was the
second week. We each took different streets in the Rancho Vista ward,
which is where Elder Davis serves and two return missionaries came
also. So I worked with a guy named Mike Silva. Mike served in Costa
Rica, and it was really fun working with Mike because he starts
teaching on the doorstep. A lot of times missionaries will wait until
they get into the door to start teaching, but Mike just started
bearing his testimony of the Book of Mormon.

I think it’s cool that we get to work with so many people as a
missionary. Everyone truly does have good attributes and you can learn
from everyone with whom you work. A lot of times I just think of a
mission as my normal, every-day life, but when I stop and think about
it, it throws some crazy things in my path. The concept of companions
is a great example. Someone that you’ve most likely never met in your
life is suddenly at your side 24/7 for at least six weeks. If you’re
lucky, you get along with them. If you’re not so lucky, you have to
learn to work with them anyway. Then after so much time working
together and getting to know each other, one of you leaves at a
moment’s notice, and you might never see that person again. How many
times in my life will I do something like that? When I think about how
crazy a mission is, I understand more the support that God gives His
missionaries. There is no way that I could live the way I live and do
the things I do on my own. Without God’s help and support, I couldn’t
make it. God is very personally involved in His work though, and he
makes up for our many shortcomings.

Anyway, thanks for all of the letters, emails, etc. They help more
than you might think. There’s a possibility that I’ll be transferred
next week, and I might not be able to email on Mondays anymore, so
I’ll write again when I get a chance. I won’t find out if I’m staying
or going until Saturday. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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