November 1, 2010

Dear Family-

Elder Anthony and I are both staying this transfer, so I’m pretty
excited. I really like working with him. That means that we get to
have Thanksgiving dinner with the Scott’s. The Scott’s are this super
nice family that we visit occasionally. They already invited us and
told us that if any missionaries didn’t have a place to go for
Thanksgiving, they were invited too. We told them that we might get
transferred, but we’re both staying, so we both get to go. The people
in this area are so kind to us. Even when we’re knocking doors,
they’re usually kind to us. It’s not uncommon for us to be knocking
doors and THEY ask US, “What can I do for you?” They’re not just
saying it to get us to leave either, but they are actually sincere.
Even when they aren’t interested in our message, they are rarely rude
to us. They simply and politely tell us no thanks. I’m glad I get to
stay here another transfer, and I hope I get to stay at least one

I also learned a great lesson about faith this week. I’ve been trying
to have more faith as I work this past transfer, and I’ve seen a lot
of improvement. One story in particular stands out. We’ve been
teaching an investigator for the singles’ ward for a
few weeks, and this week a miracle happened. This investigator started
meeting with us because she has a relative and a friend who are
Mormon. She wanted to understand them better, but she didnt’ feel
comfortable asking them about their religion, so she met with us. At
first, she had no intention of changing religion, she just wanted to
know why Mormons can’t do certain things. We taught her a few times,
and slowly, her intentions changed. She started mentioning how she
loves the Book of Mormon. She feels like everything she reads can be
directly applied to her, and she understands it better than she
understands the Bible. This week, we decided to teach her about the
Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost,
and enduring to the end), and invite her to be baptized. To be honest,
I expected her to say no. I thought she would tell us that she just
wanted to understand her friend and relative better, but she really
wasn’t interested in becoming Mormon. I tried to have more faith
though, and I prayed for the Spirit. To my surprise, she said yes. She
told us that at first she was meeting with us for her friend and
relative, but she started meeting with us for herself. She said that
baptism is a goal she wants to work towards and she agreed to pray
about a date and let us know by Tuesday (tomorrow). It taught me a lot
about the need for faith in this work. If I had had no faith and
didn’t even consider the possibility of her being baptized, she might
not have been. God does work miracles though, the greatest of which is
a change of heart.

Thanks for all you do. I love you and pray for you!

-Elder Emery

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