October 25, 2010

Dear Family-

It’s been another awesome week. First of all, things have been going
well with an investigator that missionaries have been teaching for a
long time. She had a baptismal date, but then stopped
going to church and was avoiding us. She didn’t know if she wanted to
be part of the church anymore, but this week thinks have really turned
around. She went to two ward activities and she Bishop told us that
she said she wants to be Mormon.

Next, we had another investigator tell us that she
wants to be baptized. She’s been baptized twice before in other
churches, but wants to be rebaptized with authority and especially
wants a baptism by fire. We talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost
and how that is baptism by fire. She’s only been taught a couple of
times, and hasn’t been to church, but hopefully we can help her reach
her goal.

We also saw really good progress with a less-active.
He’s been inactive for a few years, but requested that missionaries
come over when he moved into our ward. Since we’ve been teaching him
(about a month and a half), he’s been to church almost every week, has
borne his testimony in sacrament meeting, and prays and reads
scriptures with his wife (she’s a member too). His two goals are to
baptize his son next summer when he turns eight and to go to the
temple on their next wedding anniversary. We taught them last night,
and in the middle of the lesson, he called the executive secretary and
set an appointment with the bishop to work towards his temple

To top this week off, I found two really cool sections of the Doctrine
and Covenants. In sections 15 and 16, two Whitmer brothers ask what is
of the most worth to them. the answer for both of them is to “declare
repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto [Christ].”
I think that it’s such an amazing blessing to be able to be doing

Well, I love you! I hope all is well.

-Elder Emery

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