August 16, 2010

Dear Family-

I love my new area, it’s great! The people here seem so genuine and
truly care about each other. It’s a really good atmosphere. The missionary atmosphere is pretty different from Burbank as well. We spend a lot more time with other missionaries. First of all, I leave in a four-man apartment instead of a two-man. Elder Andersen and Elder Bills are the other Elders in our apartment. It makes things a lot more fun. We also play sports almost every morning with some of the other missionaries in the district or zone. It’s cool to see so many missionaries so often. I hope I stay in the desert for a long time because I love it here and most of the other missionaries here also really love the desert.

The work is going pretty well here too. We’ve picked up a few
potential investigators this week and one person set a baptismal date. She was dropped a while ago because the missionaries
couldn’t ever reach her, but she invited us over to dinner on Tuesday.  Her sister just got back from her mission and now she wants to be baptized. She called us and asked us to come over and she told us that she loves going to church and wants to be a member now. I could see so much excitement in her face when she told us and I’m really excited for her as well. September 11 is the day she picked.

Being a missionary is so amazing, I love it! My companion is an
awesome missionary and the area is the best. I hope all is well for
you. I love you!

-Elder Emery

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