August 4, 2010

Dear Family-

It’s been an awesome week. I finally got a new bike on Monday. I’ve
been borrowing the ward mission leader’s bike, which wasn’t the
greatest. We also went to Disney studios. A member of our ward
previously worked there, so he was able to take us there for
preparation day. That was really fun. We also found a really cool
investigator. He lives in the Fresno area, but he is staying
with his father and stepmother who are members. We don’t know how long
he’ll be here, but they all want him to move in, and he seems like he
wants to move in as well. He has changed his life a lot in the past
few years, and said that he feels like he’s had bricks lifted off from
him. We talked to him about the Restoration, and he really liked it.
He doesn’t know a lot about religion, but started going to a Christian
church about two months ago, and read from the New Testament every day
when he was in juvenile hall. I really hope that he stays longer
because he’s a really cool kid. I hope all is well back home.

-Elder Emery

PS: I keep forgetting to bring my camera to the library, but I do have
a couple of pictures to send home.

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