July 21, 2010

Sorry this is late, our preparation day is still Monday, but as predicted, email day was switched to Wednesday. So I’ll be emailing on Wednesdays now. It’s been a pretty interesting week. I had my first zone conference and my first companion exchange. At zone conference on Thursday, I learned a very interesting fact. 2009 was the first year in about ten years that baptisms exceeded moveouts for the mission.  It’s great because that means that the Church has been dwindling in our mission for ten years, but the trend has stopped. Hopefully in 2010 the Church will grow again. Companion exchanges were great as well. We did exchanges with the zone leaders on Saturday, so I went to a new area on the other side of Burbank with Elder Cuthbertson. Elder Ryan stayed in our area and worked with Elder Alldredge. It was really good to get to know Elder Cuthbertson. He goes home at the end of next transfer and is a great missionary. Apparently things went well with Elders Ryan and Alldredge as well.

We also met a really cool guy yesterday. We were walking the same way as him for about an hour, so we had a good conversation. He’s a Sioux from North Dakota and really likes Mormons. He was particularly impressed by our genealogy database and our kindness. He told us that his grandpa had always told him that Mormons are good people, so he likes us. Super nice guy.

I don’t have a lot of time today, but I love you.

-Elder Emery

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