July 6, 2010

I’m finally in the field, and I love it here! I’m in Burbank, California in an area on the edge of my mission. I’ve actually been about two buildings away from the mission boundary which was kind of weird. The people here are great. They’re very polite and warm. Even when they choose not to accept our message, they just politely say no thanks. One woman even offered us bottles of water and let is stand in the shade of her doorway while we waited. I haven’t seen anyone be rude to us which is a little surprising. Another surprising thing about my area is how empty the sidewalks are. Almost everyone drives, rides the bus, or bikes. This makes it a little more difficult to contact. Knocking (or touching, as the missionaries here call it) doors is actually more effective than street contacting, which I didn’t expect. My area also has about seven studios in it. Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, NBC, and some others are all in our area. Sometimes, on preparation day, we the missionaries get to visit them. They’ve also received gifts. Some Elders I know have Bilbo and Frodo’s sword, Sting; the One Ring; and Captain Jack Sparrow’s sword. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see the studios some day. Even though I’m writing on a Tuesday, my preparation day is actually Monday, for now. The libraries were closed though because of the fourth of July, so in the future I’ll be writing on Mondays. President Martin told us that he might change the day though because a lot of libraries are closed every Monday now, so if I miss a week, our preparation day was probably changed. I’ve actually only visited one investigator so far, a man that we actually contacted on Saturday, so I don’t really have any stories yet. The man we did meet had heard some interesting things about the Church, such as the translation of the Book of Mormon occuring during a seance, but he is willing to hear the truth. He accepted a Book of Mormon and a return appointment this Saturday. I’m excited to see how that goes.  Most of our time though has been spent visiting less active members. There are a lot here. One of them we visited is actually related to me. He’s descended from John and Anthony Emery and was very interested to hear that we found John’s tombstone. Please tell me where it is, so I can pass on the information. He gave me 15 pages of family history that I’ll try to mail you some time. As one last note, the people here think I have an accent. Both my companion and a less active member have mentioned it. I guess I’m truly destined to move back East after my mission. Well, I hope you are all doing well. I love you! -Elder Emery

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