June 24, 2010

Dear Family-

I got my travel plans this Monday. It’s weird to get them so soon
after arriving. I kind of like it though, I love the MTC, but I don’t
think I’d want to be here much longer than three weeks. I’d rather be
actually teaching people that don’t know about the Gospel. We have
taught two different “investigators”, but they are obviously already
LDS. It’s still a great experience though. One guy, George Peterson,
is especially convincing. He is a man who strongly believes in Jesus
Christ as his Savior and knows the Bible extremely well. He feels like
a terrible father and husband though because his marriage of 26 years
recently ended in a divorce. He was able to understand a lot more
fully about Christ’s love for him and the Atonement. He even committed
to baptism on two conditions: his member friend Brother Carter can
baptize him, and we answer a few more questions first. Unfortunately,
we won’t teach him anymore. I know it’s not a real situation, but it
feels extremely real to me, and we can all feel the Spirit very

This Wednesday, I got to host for the new missionaries. We basically
took them to their dorm and then to their class. It was a lot of fun.
Elder Walker and I hosted one missionary, and we convinced him that I
was German. I spoke haltingly with a thick German accent, and asked
Elder Walker a couple of questions in German. He took it really well
though, and at the end, I told him that I’m actually from Utah. The
third unique thing this week was service at the temple. They are
renovating the Provo temple, so my district got to work there this
morning. It was a little sad to see a House of the Lord so torn up,
but it’s necessary to keep it as beautiful as it is. Also, one of my
teachers, Brother Okoren, proposed this Saturday. She also works as a
teacher here. So it’s been a pretty exciting week. We did some
practice knocking doors this week. There’s a building where you can
work on random skills, like door contacting. I learned a lot in only
45 minutes. The main thing I learned is to be real and personable.
People don’t want to hear from a dispassionate robot. The last bit of
news is that Elder Austin’s mom and 13-year-old sister wrote me

Sorry for the disjointedness (if that’s a word). Here are some answers
to questions. We did not have a meeting with the temple presidency,
and we have not heard any General Authorities yet (that I knew, Elder
Snow spoke). Tomorrow though, someone will speak for a special
fireside. The rumour is that it’s either Elder Neil L. Anderson or
Elder Dallin H. Oaks. I guess we’ll see. Thank you for the treats, I
love you!

-Elder Emery

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