First Letter Home

Dear Family-
I already love the MTC! The Spirit here is amazing. Someone told us of a vision that someone had concerning the MTC. In it they saw demons surrounding the campus trying to get in, but angels standing just inside the fence keeping the demons out. I definitely can feel the protection here. I actually thought that it would be a lot more difficult than it actually is. I’m used to the sleep schedule, used to always wearing the shirt and tie, and used to the long days. The one thing I don’t like here is the food. It’s okay, but it’s already getting a little old. Oh well. Even a place like the MTC can’t be perfect. I do love my district though. We are extremely close. Hopefully I’ll be companions with the other two Elders going to San Fernando at some point (Elders Walker and Richards). They are both extremely close to the Spirit. The four going to Canada are amazing as well, but I obviously won’t be companions with them.
I have an interesting story to tell. Since today was my first preparation day, I was able to go to the temple. That was a great experience. It was also very unique. As I was waiting near the front doors, I saw a black lab run into the temple. He made it to the desk before a temple worker grabbed him and took him outside. When we got back to the MTC the dog was there, so we got to pet him. It was good to see a dog again.
-Elder Emery
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